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Trades supporting Trades

BC Trades - Our Reality

BC has a value of $329B in proposed Construction Projects in British Columbia
79% of the estimated 73,000 tradespeople required over the next 8 years are retiring

Why Exhibit?

In an effort to effect Trades thirst for business growth and a skilled workforce, Trades Expo brings industry stakeholders, business decision makers and the tradespeople that are responsible for the deliverables together under one roof for 2 days.

Is your Company

• Looking to grow it's business
• Addressing a strategic succession plan
• Searching for exisitng tradespeople, new and seasoned
• Sourcing new suppliers
• Developing new partnerships
• Accessing Students - The Future Trades

Our Packages provide

• Direct face to face access with project decision maker
• A creative way to interact with existing tradespeople
• Interactive access to the Future Trades - Students


Reaching Industry

  • Standard 10 x 10 Package
  • Non-Profit Rates
  • Contractor - Premium Package
  • Contractor - Regular Package
  • Recruitment Demo Package
  • Craft Beer - Vendor Package
  • Food Truck - Package
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Leaders supporting trades

  • Trade Challenge Series
  • Explore a Trade Series
  • Tradeswomen Series
  • The Conversation Event
    Seasoned Tradesperson Lunch
  • Contractor Networking Event

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Find your MarkeT

  • Student Challenge - The Future
  • Contractors Networking - Registrations
    Architechs, Project Managers,
    General Contractors
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Program Guide & Web Advertising
  • 'Fun' Contests - Ask us!
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