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Not sure if the career in the trades is for you?

70% of existing Trades are retiring in the next 7 years, demand has never been higher for new talent.

Join us and explore!  Highlights include.

  • Try the tools - Hands on Demo's
  • Real world information - Seminars
  • On the Tools - Actual Tradespeople
  • YouTube - Trade Challenge
  • Employers - New Talent Wanted

New Talent is being sought throughout ALL trades. To understand what it takes to be in the trades. Come and connect with actual tradespeople and employers. These are real people, who want to talk to you, if you are interested in becoming a tradesperson. Don't be afreaid to ask your questions

Talent comes in many forms   Who is a tradesperson?
Who knows, as they come in many forms. Remember everyone is wired differently.

Yes a Doctor is unskilled, if you send the Dr. to a concrete pour.

Why, because you hope your Dr.'s skill is in knowing where your heart, lungs and liver are vs. the skilled required to finish the flatest concrete floor in the operating room to ensure the medical equipment machines are able to run with percision.

Now consider the below.

  • Do u dislike only getting one piece of a puzzle?
  • Do u think 'just tell me why'?
  • Do u 'see' a project without paper?
  • Do u get frustrated with most web-sites?
  • Does a multiple choice test send you into a cold sweat?
  • If u are shown 'how' do you get it?
  • Do you like to cook?
  • Are u artistic?
If your answers is yes to any of these question, definately come talk to us. If you want a one on one reason as to why these questions are asked and how it relates to a trade career, please connect with me. Call or Text me, Diana, at 604.928.0144.

Parents, teachers, students, women, new comers. Let's Talk!

Attention Ladies:  Women represent 50% of the population. Ladies, consider that only 10% of the trades are currently women and remember all trades are looking for new talent, so lot's of room to start a career.

Again, it's not about gender but whether you are wired for being a tradeseperson, male or female.

Tradewomen currently work as....
• Ironworkers • Concrete Finishers • Welders • Aircraft Mechanics • HVAC   • Drywallers & Tapers • Electricians • and many more!

They do the job everyday!

Those with Dyslexia:  A personal story of my son, who has dyslexia, and the frustration we encountered with an entire 'system' that treats it as a disorder. I suggest it's just a different way of being wired.

Yes, he can't get through the paperwork, but he can build anything once 'shown' how once or twice. Strange that he could get 80% of the practical portion of the current trade system training but because he couldn't pass the paper test he couldn't get into a program.

If this is a familiar story to you, then the trades is for you!

Emloyers are currently looking for attitude and apptitude, not whether you can pass a paper test.  Connect with them they are willing to take the right talent under their wing for training.

If you would like a personal conversation regarding this please connect with me. Call or Text me, Diana, at 604.928.0144.

Yes it is my son and yes he is working in the trades currently.


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