Future Tradespeople

Not sure if the career in the trades is for you? Join us to explore the opportunities. We have hands on trades where you can see what it's like to use the tools with an experienced tradesperson. Ask you questions. Explore a Trade

In addition to the hands on opportunities, we also have seminars focused on providing real world and useable information. Also come talk to some of our young tradespeople and get their perspective.

Schools and students welcome free of charge. Whether a public, private, alternative, or homelearners.  If you have young people open to the trades, we look forward to seeing them. 

Secondary Students with School ID get in for Free.

New Generation Trades

No work on the weekend! Fair enough. Come have some blue-collar fun. We are bringing in a trade style BBQ, Craft Breweries and of course prize draws. Can you image all you trades in one place.

Sign up for the TRADES CHALLENGE!

Enter on your own or put a team of buddies together and own the bragging rights to being the best in your field. 

Win prizes, eat great food, and get caught up on industry gossip from the other trades.

As a tradesperson event, we also have contractors, suppliers, and experts that you can connect with. You never know where a new connection might lead.

Seasoned Trades - 20yrs+

My personal invite to you!

My name is Diana, owner of Trades Expo and I am looking to 'change the channel' on how future trades are found and trained. 

I am looking for 6 seasoned trades with 20 - 30 yrs experience in their trade. One (1) in each of the below categories willing to take one young person under their wing. 

All trades are beginning to look at their succession planning and the current system is not working.  The Trades need people. A new option is available, and we are looking for tradespeople to work with us and step up to the plate to make it happen.

We are planning a trade style BBQ and I'd be happy to buy you lunch if this seems like something you would consider.  

What's in it for you?

1. A new and immediate source for new workers
2. Seasoned trades get paid to train new talent
3. No charge or cost for finding and screening new talent

New option is coming! Meet with me and find out how!

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